Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Commercial Electrical Fire in Parkersburg, WV

Fires can start from the seemingly smallest of things. In this instance an electrical fire was caused in Parkersburg, WV by simply a drill coming through the wa... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Cabinets from an Dishwasher Electrical Short in Stern, Ohio

A dishwasher fire was started after an electrical shortage. Something that started so small grew to wide spread smoke and soot damage throughout the kitchen. Ou... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Kitchen in Parkersburg, WV

This kitchen fire caused a lot of damage. It was a combination of fire damage, and water (from the fire department saving the rest of the house). After the fire... READ MORE

Basement fire damage disappeared!

A home in Parkersburg, WV suffered an indoor electrical fire that caused the roof to go up in flames. The insulation had caught fire and spread it across the ba... READ MORE