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5 COVID-19 Myths Debunked: What You Can Really do to Keep Safe

8/31/2020 (Permalink)

At A Glance:

Myths Debunked

  • 5G Mobile Network Towers
  • The Age of People Who Are Infected
  • The 10-second Cough Myth
  • The Sun & Hot Weather
  • Masks & Exercise

What You Can Do

  • Vitamin D
  • Exercise
  • Eat well
  • Mask in populated areas


The information floating around the internet and media outlets is becoming very hard to follow. One minute it’s yes to masks, then no, then yes again. Then it’s surfaces hold COVID, then they don’t, then they do again.

It’s hard to keep up! What’s more dangerous is the widespread myths and conspiracies that are taking over our rational thinking. We have put together 5 of the myths that we have to debunk so that we can focus on what we can do. Enjoy:

Myth 1: COVID is from 5G Towers

The online conspiracy that 5G towers are creating radiation poisoning and the government is covering up this by saying it’s a COVID-19 virus - FALSE.

The truth is that COVID-19 is a virus. Viruses cannot travel through radio waves or mobile networks. COVID-19 is a novel Coronavirus. Coronaviruses are not new. Much like influenza, each year there are new strands that mutate and COVID-19 is a new Coronavirus mutation which was originally only in specific animals, but now it has mutated to humans.

Myth 2: Coronavirus Only Affects Old People

The truth is that COVID-19 can affect and infect people of all ages. The immune system is the underlying factor of what determines the risk of fatal COVID infection. Not the patient's age.

Myth 3: The 10-Second Cough Test

The myth was that if you can hold your breath for 10 seconds without coughing you’re unlikely to have COVID.

We have no idea where this online myth appeared but sad to say it just isn’t that easy to determine whether you have COVID or not. Currently the only method to safely determine COVID infection is through an approved nasal swab test.

Myth 4: The Sun & Hot Weather

There are myths going around that the sun and hot weather fights COVID.

According to The World Health Organisation this is unfortunately an inaccurate statement. While it is still believed that UV (the light emitted directly from the sun) can kill COVID droplets immediately there are still plenty of “sunny” countries that are returning COVID numbers.

So while there are elements of (alleged) truth to this statement, we urge you to still be careful.

Myth 5: You Should Exercise with a Mask On

Exercising with a mask is actually NOT good for you or your health. Wearing a mask while exercising can limit the ability to breathe comfortably. As sweat builds up in the mask, it can become wet and stick to your mouth, making it harder to breathe.

WHO advises not to wear masks while exercising.

What Can You Do?

Build Your Immune System!

With everything happening with this pandemic it has been a wake up to all of us and the great importance our immune system plays in fighting off disease (and viruses). Here are some ways that you can boost your immune system: (we are not medical advisors, we urge you see a doctor to confirm these)

  • Take Vitamin D supplements (our body needs this and supplementation is the best form)
  • Vitamin C supplementation
  • Exercise regularly
  • Improved eating: add leafy greens and vegetables to every lunch and dinner.
    • remove sugar from your diet as much as possible.

Wear A Mask In Populated Areas

Masks help reduce the risk of cross-infection. When going to highly populated areas such as shopping malls or restaurants we advise wearing a mask.

Get the home safely disinfected by professionals

Our team offers thorough disinfecting options against COVID. To find out all information about this service click here now.

We hope that this has helped. Please share this article to your social media to help spread the word.

From the team at SERVPRO of Wood, Ritchie & Pleasants Counties.

Can I Clean My House for Coronavirus?

5/5/2020 (Permalink)

Coronavirus molecule next to a cartoon of a house on a hill Keep the home Coronavirus-free

We have been receiving a lot of questions about Coronavirus in the Mid-Ohio Valley and Parkersburg, WV in the past weeks. Particularly about how to clean the family homes to be safe.

How to Clean Your House Yourself

Sterilization is ultimately the safest method to go with such an unknown virus like COVID-19 (the novel Coronavirus). Based on the World Health Organization, there are also some home methods you can do to keep yourself safer.

(Please note that these methods do not ensure 100% removal of the Coronavirus from your home. It does, however, improve the safety in your home).

Methods to clean:

  1. Sanitizer with at least 70% alcohol.
  2. Hot soapy water
  3. Disinfectant

Places to clean:

  1. Areas in the home that are frequently touched i.e. door knobs/handles, microwave oven door etc. Anywhere where hands are touching numerous times during the day.
  2. Flat metal surfaces. These surfaces catch the droplets and are believed to be able to sit here for hours (some CDC cases believe days).
  3. Shopping bags etc. Because your bags are coming from the local shops it is best practice to clean the bags before they enter your home. Sanitizer spray or disinfectant is the best practice.

Get The Full Sanitization Deal

If these above options are not enough for you, SERVPRO offer full sterilization of your family home. Our team will thoroughly sterilize your home with child and animal safe products to ensure that your home is proactively cleaned for COVID-19.

For detailed information about how we do it, please click here to read our detailed article.

Thank you and keep safe,

From the team at SERVPRO of Wood, Ritchie & Pleasants Counties

Full Sterilisation for Coronavirus for Homes and Businesses

4/15/2020 (Permalink)

two SERVPRO staff in hazmat suits, masks and goggles Your Safety Is Our Priority

COVID-19 (the novel coronavirus) has taken over the world because of it’s highly contagious nature and it’s ability to stay on surfaces for extended periods of times. Some have reported hours, some have reported days at a time.

The virus’s ability to move and spread is what has the entire American nation on lock down. It can travel from someone’s hands to clothes to the kitchen counter. It could have travelled all the way from the local Sam’s Club to your garage. We urge that you are very careful, please. Be diligent with your sanitisation, what you touch and keeping a safe social distance of 6 feet.

Some families in the local Wood County have contacted us asking if we do home or business sterilisation and we wanted to explain our processes in full with this blog post.

We offer cleaning for all options:

  1. Pre-cautionary Cleaning
  2. Suspected Contamination
  3. Confirmed Contamination

The Sterilization Process

Our process is very thorough and detailed to ensure safety is of a high quality. One of our owners, Jay Miller, is very concerned about the safety of his family. One of his immediate family members is of high risk to COVID-19. For this reason you can be assured his team is acting in the highest of safety measures in your job and outside.

The process is:

  • Our staff quarantine the areas of the home or business before beginning sterilization.
  • Our staff are fully covered with safety suits, goggles and masks.
  • Any heavy items are moved for easier access.
  • Sterilization happens, all items are wiped down and sprayed.
  • A period of time must pass afterwards to ensure that the area is safe to re-enter. This duration is determined on the size of the area and the items within the area.

Once the entire home or business has been successfully sterilized you may re-enter. Please note that if someone enters the premises at a later date and they are infected, the location may require further sterilization.

How much does Full Coronavirus Sterilization Cost?

There are multiple factors that will dictate the price of a full sterilization of your home or business. These factors include (but not limited to):

  • total square footage
  • labor required
  • location
  • type of facility

A typical quotation of sterilization is:

  1. Proactive (or precautionary) cleaning: Typically $0.30 - $0.50 per sq. ft.
  2. Suspected or confirmed contamination: Typically $0.75 - $1.25 per sq. ft.
  3. If heavy contents are present and require moving: Add $0.50 - $0.75 per sq. ft.

These quoted prices are for the sterilization only. Additional costs, including travel distance and labor required may influence the price.

Your family and the family of others are our priority. Together we can keep the community safe from Coronavirus.

If you would like to get a quote please call 304-428-7378 to speak with someone now.

Please keep safe and we hope that this helped.

The team at SERVPRO of Wood, Ritchie & Pleasants Counties

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How Our Staff Are Keeping Safe with Coronavirus with CDC Guidelines

4/10/2020 (Permalink)

Our staff are the back bone and heart of our company and it is important that their safety is our primary focus. If they are safe, so are you.

As per the request and guidance of The Centres of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) we have been, and will continue to, undergo the following protocols to keep everyone safe.

  • Pre-Screening: Employers are measuring the employee’s temperature and assessing symptoms prior to starting work. Where possible, temperature checks are happening before the staff enter the facility.
  • Regular Monitoring: As long as the employee doesn’t have a temperature or display symptoms, they are self-monitoring under the supervision of the SERVPRO health program.
  • Wearing a Mask: The employees are wearing face masks at all times while in the workplace for 14 days after last possible exposure for extra precaution. Employers either are issuing face masks or approving employees’ supplied cloth face coverings in the event of shortages.
  • Social Distancing: The employee are maintaining 6 feet apart and practice social distancing as work duties permit in the workplace.
  • Disinfecting and Cleaning work spaces: We are cleaning and disinfecting all areas such as offices, bathrooms, common areas, shared electronic equipment routinely.

What if the Employees Become Sick During The Day?

If the employee becomes sick during the day, they are sent home immediately. Surfaces in their workspace are immediately cleaned and disinfected again in co-ordinance of the CDC recommended practices.

Information on persons who had contact with the ill employee during the time the employee had symptoms and 2 days prior to symptoms will be compiled and notified. Others at the facility with close contact within 6 feet of the employee during this time are considered to be exposed.


  • We do not share headsets or other objects that are near mouth or nose.
  • We have increase the frequency of cleaning commonly touched surfaces.
  • We do not consider pilot testing the use of face masks to ensure they do not interfere with work assignments.
  • We do not work with facility maintenance staff which will minimize air exchanges in room.
  • We physically distance when taking breaks. In addition we are stagger breaks and do not congregate in any room.

We hope that this has brought some ease.

If you would like further information about our practices of Coronavirus including myths, symptoms and how we are helping the community by cleaning their homes please click here now.