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3 Myths About COVID-19 (the Novel Coronavirus)

4/1/2020 (Permalink)

a computer rendition of the coronavirus molecule COVID-19 has many myths surrounding it.

Today feels a little surreal to a lot of us. With international travel being halted around the world, some borders being closed off and some cities experiencing full lock-downs to contain the feared virus, known as COVID-19, there are so many questions, conspiracy theories and concerns surrounding the entire world, particularly our state, West Virginia.

Please note information compiled in this blog post is gathered only from the World Health Organisation and the CDC. It is our utmost priority for everyone in our local area of Wood, Ritchie & Pleasants Counties to be informed and not fearful. This is a time for us to work together as a community.

This blog article attempts to inform our local community because information is powerful and we aim to put some myths at rest.

Myth 1: COVID-19 is not new, it’s a government created virus.

It is true that the name Coronavirus is not new. In fact Coronavirus is the name for a strand of viruses. Just like the flu, there are multiple strands of Coronavirus, some that are only within the animal kingdom and some that are human coronaviruses. All past reported versions of human coronaviruses (including SARS-CoV) are controlled through either vaccine or other reasons.

Yes, COVID-19 is new, contrary to many people’s concerns of this being used as some government ploy or other ulterior motive. The COVID-19 is believed to have mutated from a human consuming an animal (not a bat, which is the popular online narrative at the moment), most likely from an animal called a Pangolin (as many experts suggest). The virus which was known by scientists to be within the animal kingdom but not dangerous to humans took on a mutation in late 2019, which allowed it to spread human to human.

So please remember this when people are sharing photos or videos online of disinfectants that include “human coronavirus” on the back of their labels or television shows referencing the coronavirus: Human Coronavirus is not new, but the strand of COVID-19 is.

Please remember our goal with this is information. Through information and knowledge we, as a community, can work together through this time.

Myth 2: Coronavirus Only Affects Old People

COVID-19 does not discriminate. No matter your race or age it will attempt to get to you. But do not be overly concerned, be informed. While you may not be a high risk of the worst case scenario it is important to consider those close to you: your family, friends and work colleagues who may be at high risk.

This global event is financially hurting so many Americans, but it is important to remember what is truly important, our health and the health of others. So please, be mindful of how to act during this crazy time in our lives.

Again, please remember our goal with this is information. Through information and knowledge we, as a community, can work together through this time.

Myth 3: It’s Just Like The Common Flu

This myth must be included because it makes a lot of people very complacent about the Coronavirus. Our goal is for the community to work together and therefore this myth must be shown.

COVID-19 has an array of ways it effects the human body, while yes, the majority of people will experience mild symptoms such as fever, being lethargic, coughing or even no symptoms at all! It’s important for us to remember the larger, more difficult symptoms that other may experience. This includes experiencing pneumonia (the inability to breathe fully for perhaps up to a few days - some have described it as “a feeling of drowning for days”). While the chances of people experiencing this and/or being hospitalised are much lower, it is still important to think about everyone in our community.

By practicing social distancing and proper hygiene of washing hands and sanitising, we can help avoid spreading it to (or receiving it from) others.


Please, we at SERVPRO urge you and everyone in the community, to do our part in helping slow down the spread of this virus. We are in the greatest country in the world because we work together, we come together in times of turmoil and this is our opportunity to do our part.

It is a tough time for so many of us, financially and with the frequent rule changes and fear running through so many families in America now. What we can do is work together, do our part and defeat this virus by not letting it spread.

God Bless America, you who is reading this, your family and the families around the world.

(Please share the link to this article on your social media to help spread information instead of misleading, fear inducing information. Through proper information we can help reduce the fear, anger and other negative emotions. We are a community.)


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World Health Organisation - https://www.who.int

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