Fire Damage Photo Gallery

A man's hand holding a wok with fire flaring off the noodles

3 Common Ways Fires Start in Kitchens (and how to Avoid them)

Your home kitchen is statistically the most likely area in the home to start a devastating fire. Each year we see families just like yours receive devastating news when their home is damaged and the bill to fix it is given.

Please read this short blog to find out 3 common ways they start and how you can avoid them.

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A cartoon man wearing a barbecue apron, smiling and holding up his tongs and a sausage

Why Barbeques are a Leading Cause of Home Fires in Summer.

Barbeque grills are a leading cause of fires according to the National Fire Protection Association. Typically these fires are more likely to happen on balconies and porches of apartment blocks however it is also necessary to know the safety precautions if you barbeque at your home.

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Owner Jay Miller cleaning the firetruck

Helping Parkersburg Firefighters keep safe from Coronavirus

Here, we have our owner, Jay Miller, helping the local fire department with cleaning and sterilizing their trucks from potential Coronavirus contamination.

It felt really good to help some of our local heroes braving not only homes and buildings on fire but also now a potentially dangerous virus that is going around.

Parkersburg Fire Department trucks in front of the SERVPRO building

Thank you to Parkersburg Fire Department

We wanted to say a huge thank you to our fire fighters for their constant selflessness and bravery to keep our homes and businesses safe.

Over the weekend we sterilized their trucks to rid any possible COVID. 

Thank you to these men and women

SERVPRO crew member Austin, standing in front of a waverly volunteer fire department truck wearing a safety mask

Helping Waverly Volunteer Fire Department

Our fire fighters risk their lives so that we can keep safe. The work that they do is courageous to say the least. 

We are honored to have these volunteer fire fighters in our community and are helping in our own small way of sterilizing their trucks, to keep them safe from COVID.