Storm Damage Photo Gallery

A tree fallen onto a home in West Virginia

Tree fallen on a Home After Big Storm in St. Mary's, WV

This home in St. Mary's, WV was awakened by a loud thud in the middle of the night during a storm last summer. That loud thud was the sound of this tree falling onto their roof!

Believe it or not, they were very lucky. This tree had not caused a lot of damage. There were mild tile and roof damage, but our team reported that it could have been much worse. 

Thankfully everyone was safe, our team were able to safely remove and transport the tree log and branches so that repairs could be done safely.

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Water falling in a home kitchen and it's now a frozen water fall connecting the roof and the floor

A Frozen Waterfall in the Kitchen in Pennsboro, WV

A crazy sight in this local home, where the roof had collapsed and water was pouring in. Only this time it was FROZEN! 

Even though many are amazed by similar ice sculptures the occupant of this home did not want to keep it.

a bare home with the support beams revealed and plastic sheets over them

How Encapsulation Could Help You Avoid over $10,000 in Storm Damages

Storms can damage homes but not in the dramatic way that you think. It's from the smaller, silent water that creeps into the foundations, support beams and crawlspace. 

This small damage expands to wider, more devastating damage that could have been avoided by a simple technique of Encapsulation.

For further detail on this, and how to avoid needing to call us with damage later, please click the link below.

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A fallen tree that has uprooted and demolished the road in front of a home

How to Prepare for Storms in West Virginia

Don't get caught in the storm, it may cost you over $10,000 in damages.

We wrote a short blog with 5 tips on how you can be prepared BEFORE the warnings come for storms.

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