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a room filled with sewage and a man with a gas mask on

Sewer Back Up in Harrisville, WV

This is what a sewage back up looks like! 

Sewage can be very dangerous to our health. It is home to a lot of bacteria and disease. Therefore it is so important that it is treated thoroughly as soon as possible.


Sewage gets right into every crack and crevice it gets near. It will settle into carpet, wood, tiles, anything and everything! 


Beware not to touch anything. As you can see in the photo, our technician is wearing a gas mask. They're also wearing PPE all over, including a full protective suit.

For more information you can either read this blog:

Is Your Water Safe? The Three Categories You Need to Know

OR give us a call today on 304-428-7378

the servpro EMS vehicle at west virginia motor speedway

The SERVPRO EMS Vehicle at West Virginia Motor Speedway

When you're at the West Virginia Motor Speedway you may see our EMS vehicle setting the mood.

We are proud partners with the speedway. Our local owner, James Miller, is a strong fanatic of the sport and couldn't be happier being a part of the family.

You can catch us every single race night. Come and say hello, we would love to meet you!

The team at SERVPRO of Wood, Ritchie & Pleasants Counties

an air cleaner with uv lighting embedded in the fan

The Hydroxyl Generator

The Hydroxyl Generator combines a UV light to fully clean the air. When combined with an air freshener from one of our SERVPRO team members this generator will have your air fresher than a daisy.

What the UV light does

UV light kills certain microscopic bugs in the air. These are tiny germs that you cannot see, but definitely are present.

Why the Air Freshener?

Our plant based air fresheners help rid the air of the odor. The UV light will kill the microscopic germs that are responsible for a large portion of the odor, but it's nice to include a little fragrance to the air.

Austin standing in front of the SERVPRO van

We would like to praise Austin

Austin has excelled himself the past months. His eagerness, professionalism and care with clients has shown our team that he is a great asset.

Austin displays the qualities that we strive to have in our team every day. 

Co-Owner, James Miller, standing and smiling in front of the rear of the SERVPRO van with a vacuum on his back.

Co-Owner James Miller is Answering Your Biggest Question

Co-Owner of SERVPRO of Wood, Ritchie & Pleasants Counties is answering your biggest question: "How Much Does Water Damage Restoration Cost In the Mid-Ohio Valley"?

In his detailed blog post, you will be able to fully understand all variables that go into the quotation.

His goal is to have you be fully understanding of our processes and to be fully transparent with you, giving you confidence in our service.

To Read this Blog post, coming out March 28, 2020, click here

A table at the home show with servpro marketing props

Parkersburg Home Show

We had a fabulous weekend at the Parkersburg Home Show!  We enjoyed seeing previous customers and meeting new potential clients!

Thank you to everyone who came out and said hello to our team!

Always Ready

Our Parkersburg WV Shop on Gihon Rd. Stocked and ready to go 24/7. This building was converted from a oil & lube service building. Now re-purposed to serve as our highly efficient shop.