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How to Stop People Vandalising Your Walls with Graffiti in Wood County

6/23/2020 (Permalink)

corrugated metal walls with graffiti all over them Graffiti attracts more graffiti artists

A wall with graffiti attracts more graffiti. It’s counter intuitive to what we think but it’s the reality. When someone who is likely to graffiti sees a wall with someone else’s graffiti, they know that they can do it there. They know that someone else has gotten away with it and just like a lighthouse on the shore it calls them in to the safe area to vandalise.

Graffiti not only attracts more vandals but it deters customers and can have a significantly negative effect on the neighbourhood as well. While we know that most business owners do not have the resources for professional graffiti removal there are methods that you can do yourself that will clean the walls and glass up, but please be careful of the warning we will give below.


How to Remove Graffiti on Glass

Because the glass is a very flat and non-porous surface it is possible to remove the paint with a razor blade. Scrape the razor blade behind the paint so that you can peel it off. The addition of a paint thinner can also make it easier to remove the paint.

Once completed, rinse off the window and it’s back to normal.

Things to be mindful of with Graffiti on Glass

Do not apply too much pressure to the window. You do not want it to break.

Be aware of the razor blade. If you scratch the window you cannot remove the scratch.

How to Remove Graffiti on Brick Walls

Brick walls are porous. This means that the paint can seep into the brick, making it much harder to remove thoroughly.

  1. First you want to get a hard bristled brush, paint stripper, safety goggles and a mask.
  2. Now you want to apply the paint stripper generously over the graffiti, starting at a top corner, working outward and down.
  3. Wait the recommended time given by the paint stripper.
  4. Now, starting at the same corner, use the stiff-bristled brush to scrap as much of the paint off as possible. Note: there is likely to be a lot of flakes and chunks coming off so wear your mask.
  5. Wash the wall with hot or warm water. Use rags to do a thorough job of removing any left over pieces.
  6. Reapply another layer of paint stripper to remove any stubborn areas of paint. Wait. Scrub and rinse again. (You may have to repeat this cycle a few times to thoroughly remove the graffiti).

What to Avoid

Do not use pressure washers to remove the paint from the brick walls. Pressure washers can quickly corrode the bricks, causing potential structural integrity issues in the wall. This can be very dangerous and / or very expensive.

How to Remove Graffiti from a Painted Wall

When your vandalised wall has been previously painted there is a danger of having the paint damaged in the removal process. Follow the tips above but be mindful of applying the paint stripper ONLY on the graffiti. This will be more time consuming but please know that there is a chance of effecting the paint underneath the graffiti if proper, professional attention is administered.

How to Remove Graffiti From Metal

Thankfully all you have to do is follow the steps in the brick wall above. And this will be much easier.

There you have it!

The major issue with graffiti removal is the time. It’s a very time consuming endeavour but an important, time sensitive thing to be done. Because they longer that it is put off, the more graffiti it will attract.

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From the team at SERVPRO of Wood, Ritchie & Pleasants Counties

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